Mount Athos calls for help!

Place of ascetism and intense spiritual life. Place of sanctification and salvation. Where people renounce worldly joys to experience heavenly life. Mount Athos is a living source of holiness, a blessed place where the monks struggle to preserve the Orthodox…

Άγιος Φανούριος - Φανoυρόπιτα

Saint Fanourios Cake for Lost Things!

Each year on August 27, the Greek Orthodox faithful bake a cake in honor of Saint Fanourios and bring it to church to be blessed. Fanourios comes from the Greek verb fanerono, which means “I reveal.” Worshipers believe he can help them find what they’re looking for, be it a lost object, a future spouse, or even a new meaning in life. So they bribe, er, thank him with a cake.