Holy Cell of Archangels Savvaion

The Holy Cell of the Archangels is located at the edge of Mount Athos capital, in Karyes, northeast of the Holy and Great Monastery of Vatopedi.

There is no written evidence with regards to when it was built. All that is known is that during the Ottoman Empire, in 1550, due to bankruptcy reasons, the Cell was purchased by the Holy Monastery of Chilandari.

The church is celebrated along with the Holy Archangels on November 8. It is also called Savvaion because its patron Saints are Sabbas the Sanctified and Sava of Serbia who is also the founder of the Holy Monastery of Chilandari. On the Holy Cell, seven monks along with their novices are occupied with the production of incense, beekeeping, with the olive oil production, the creation of beeswax creams and at the same time they take care of two elderly fathers.

They follow an age tradition in the production of incense according to traditional Athonite recipes which have been passed to them by Mount Athos Monks.  They have a fully equipped laboratory where they create more than thirty aromas. They take extra care to maintain the traditional Athonite incense with its natural fragrances and ecclesiastical compositions which they tend to use in churches and Monasteries during the Byzantine era.

Beeswax creams are a handiwork which the Monks learnt from their spiritual brothers, who have special knowledge of herbs and essential oils, as well as in the dosages that are needed in order for the creams to have the healing properties that are necessary in the diseases that they will be used for.

Church Fathers on Mount Athos try to combine their creative occupation with the spiritual sensitivity and perform their ecclesiastical duties while memorializing their follow human beings, who are in need of support and struggle on a daily basis for all the virtues that God gave them.

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