Mount Athos calls for help!

Mount Athos calls for help!

Place of ascetism and intense spiritual life. Place of sanctification and salvation. Where people renounce worldly joys to experience heavenly life. Mount Athos is a living source of holiness, a blessed place where the monks struggle to preserve the Orthodox faith and the centuries-old monastic tradition.

With self-sacrifice, personal labor and much prayer, the monks who live on the Garden of Virgin Mary, work for the glory of God. With laborious long hours, they try to earn the necessary for their living and tin order to restore their monasteries and cells. Most of them are centuries old historical buildings that are surrendered to the ravages of time and the adverse and harsh weather conditions which prevail on Mount Athos in winter. Mount Athos Monks just with their manual labor and without any other help try to preserve and renovate them.


The miserable state of the roof as seen from above

Mount Athos Products Exhibition helps and supports the work of the Monks!

At the place where Saint Porphyrios, as well as many other Holy Elders, lived ascetically, Kavoskalivia, a place watered with the tears and prayers of the ascetic elders, most of the cells where the monks live are very old. These are buildings with immeasurable deterioration, lacking elementary infrastructure even for ascetic living.

Recognizing the great needs that have recently arisen, following the fire that broke out on Palm Sunday at the Holy Hut of Saint Charalambos, Mount Athos Eshop stands at the side of Monk Makarios in his effort to repair the huge damages.


Video translation in English:

Bless you!
I am Monk Makarios from the Holy Hut of Kafsokalivia on Mount Athos!
In 2015 according to a decision of the Holy Monastery of Great Lavra on Mount Athos I was settled at the Holy Hut of Saint Charalambos which is on the upper side of the Katholikon.
In the year 2019 a fire broke out on Palm Sunday above the water heater.
The fire burned the ceiling and destroyed the entire roof of the church, which collapsed.
As you can see, behind me is a balcony that has collapsed which leads to the guesthouse and the church.
I am now entering the Cell and we can go to the guesthouse which is exactly the place where the fire broke out, which is this exact spot from the stovepipe hat. The walls are made of stones and wood since the Holy Cell is very old.
While heading towards the church of Saint Charalambos, there is a dome made of wood which also burned to the ground, while you can also notice the burns in the direction that leads to the roof.
We are once again entering the guest house where you can see the material damages, which are also obvious in the corridors and the floors and where caused by the huge fire.
Damages were also caused by the water that was used in order to put out the fire, so as not to burn down the entire Cell!
I want to thank all people who want to help in order to restore the Holy Cell. I also want to thank and Mount Athos Products Exhibition and everyone who has seen the posts on the web, and want to financially help in any way possible in order for me to restore the Holy Hut of Saint Charalambos where I live and make my deaconship.
From the Garden of Virgin Mary I wish for our Great Saint Charalambos to protect you, your family and your friends. I would like to thank you and I hope that you pray for me and for everything I go through all this time that I try to renovate the Holy Cell.
Bless you all!

The fire and the disasters

On Palm Sunday a fire broke out at the temple of the Holy Hut. The fire  broke out when the woods of the wall, made of tatters, burned from the boot that had been bloated. The fire destroyed the entire roof of the church, which collapsed, causing considerable material damage to the Hut’s archway, its corridors and all the floors. Monk Makarios miraculously did not suffer  an injury from the fire . But most of the premises of the historic Hut are now unsuitable for living and can not accept any pilgrims.

Mount Athos Products Exhibition is launching a major effort to restore the historic hut of Saint Charalambos. We address the philanthropic feelings of all believers to assist in this noble work. Any financial aid is vital to restore the Holy Hut in order for monk Makarios to continue his deaconship.

The history of the Holy Hut of Saint Charalambos

The Holy Hut of Saint Charalambos belongs to the Holy Monastery of Megisti Lavra of Mount Athos. It was founded in 1818 when the three elders who lived there began to build the chapel in honor of Saint Charalambos. Elders were engaged in wood carving. They made handcrafted crosses, seals and other wood-carved handiworks to earn their living.

In this historic Hut, from its foundation up until 2010, monks continued to live a simple but peaceful life. The maximum number of them was three, while only one monk lived in the hut for more years. In 2010 elder Charalambos, who had lived there for many years, left the holy hut for health reasons .

The holy hut until 2015 was desolated without any monks. In 2015 monk Makarios came there, coming from Kafsokalyvia. Without much help, monk Makarios himself began to deal with the maintenance of the abandoned buildings of the hut. He renovated the walls and the floors with his own hands. Until recently, when the fire broke out and destroyed what he had built with his own personal effort and his bear hands.


Τα δοκάρια στήριξης της Καλύβης είναι έτοιμα να καταρρεύσουν

The historic hut of Saint Charalambos, without your own assistance, will not be able to exist!

For more information on how to help with the restoration of the holy hut, you can contact Mount Athos Products Exhibition.

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If you want to be informed about the progress of the restoration works at the holy hut, fill in your email and phone number in the justification frame of your deposit in order for us to contact you!

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