Holy Monastery of the Ascension of Christ

The female monastery of the Holy Ascension is a former metochi (dependency) of the Holy Monastery of Blessed Virgin Mary Ikofinissa which was operating since the 18th century as a male monastery. The contribution of this historic Orthodox Monastery to the church and Greece is important.

It could not escape from the vindictive fury of the Turks and Bulgarians. It suffered serious disasters during the Bulgarian occupation (1941-1944) when it was also abandoned.  It was reestablished in 1979 in accordance with the standard of the Holy Monasteries of Mount Athos. In the Katholikon (main church) parts of the destroyed old church have been incorporated.  It is built at an altitude of 930 meters on Pangeo Mountain, 7 kilometers away from the Community of Proti.

The monastery houses 20 Nuns which are occupied with hagiography, sacerdotal needlecraft, the gold embroidery art, pyrography, ceroplasty as well as the production of exquisite monastery products which are available via the Mount Athos product exhibition.

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Holy Monastery of the Ascension of Christ

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