Holy Monastery of Saint Dionysios of Olympus

Perched at an altitude of 900 meters, on the green slopes of the proud Mount Olympus, the Holy Patriarchal and Stavropegic Monastery of Saint Dionysios of Olympus was established in the 16th century by Saint Dionysius. It was created as Patriarchal and Stavropegic and is dedicated to the Holy Trinity. Later on it became known by the name of its founder.

Saint Dionysius created a monument of rare architecture and aesthetic that is in complete harmony with the surrounding natural environment. Centuries ago, the reputation of the old Monastery, passed the borders of Greece, reaching even the Tsarist Russian Empire. Today, thousands of people, from the surrounding as well as distant areas, pay a visit to the Monastery in order to venerate the Saint. The Monastery follows strictly the Athonite monastic tradition. In 1989 the Avaton (restriction of entry to women) was reestablished.

Here the cells of the monks, the labs, the high altar and the main church can be found. In the remaining area, in which all pilgrims have access, a new splendid and imposing church was built. In the Monastery of St. Dionysius of Olympus, exceptional monastic products are being produced, made with the blessing and care of the monks who live there.

The main church is dedicated to the Assumption of Virgin Mary while the monastery celebrates the Feast Day of St. Dionysius on January 23rd.

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Holy Monastery Saint Dionysios of Olympus

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