Holy Monastery of Chilandari

The main church of the monastery is dedicated to Virgin Mary. It was founded in the early 13th century and was decorated with frescoes in 1320. Unfortunately it was painted over in 1803. Here precious relics of the Church are kept. Saint Simeon reposed in 1200 and was buried in the abbey of the Church. Pieces from the crown of thorns, the reed and the shroud of Christ are stored here.

Also the miraculous image of Our Lady Tricherousa can be found here, known for the miracle it performed and healed St. John Damascene, while dominant position in the Chilandari Monastery is held by the icon of Virgin Mary the Igoumeni. The library contains 181 Greek and Slavic codes, 47 of which are parchments while more than 20,000 of them are printed books.

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