Holy Monastery of Dionysiou

The monastery was built in 1366 by Saint Dionysius on a rock on the southwestern side of the Athos peninsula near the coast. The main church of the monastery has wonderful frescoes that were painted by Georgie in 1546-1547. In a special chapel, the icon of the “Akathistou” is kept which was donated to the Blessed Dionysius by Alexios III Komnenos in 1374.

The altar was painted by the monks Daniel and Mercurios. Outside the altar the frescoes cause a great impression to the visitor. They interpret the Book of the Revelation of St. John the Theologian. The mural that represents the explosion of the atomic bomb stands out. The library of the monastery is very rich since it contains 1100 manuscripts with many thumbnails. 27 of them are parchment scrolls. Feast Day: the Nativity of John the Baptist

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