Holy Monastery of Esphigmenou

The oldest document which refers to the Esfigmenou Monastery dates back to 1001, in a document that has the signature of abbot Theoktistos. The Holy Monastery has been repeatedly looted by pirates and was destroyed by fire. In 1335 St. Gregory Palamas left his deserted retreat and became the abbot of the monastery.

The main church which celebrates the Ascension of the Lord was built by Theodore Lavriotis. It was adorned with frescoes in 1811-1818 by the Galatsians Benjamin, Zachariah and Makarios while in 1841 Ioasaf, Victorious, Gerasimos and Anthimos continued the work.

The library contains 372 manuscripts and approximately 8,000 printed books. The Menologium No. 14 with the 80 thumbnails and the palimpsest Gospel is considered a document of unique value. The old script dates back to the 6th century.

Feast: Ascension of the Lord.

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