Holy Monastery of Philotheou

The Holy Monastery was founded by the Blessed Philotheus, a contemporary of St. Athanasius. In the 16th century the abbot of the Monastery was Saint Dionysius of Olympus. The main church of the monastery was built in 1746 at the same place where a temple was previously located. In 1752 it was adorned with frescoes.

The library contains 54 parchment codes from the 11th and 14th century, 2 scrolls of St. Basil’s Great liturgy from the 14th century and 214 codes from the 14th till the 19th century.

In the left marble shrine of the main church there is the miraculous image of Virgin Mary the Sweet kissing. Here the right hand of St. John the Chrystostomos is also kept in the form of a blessing. Feast: The Annunciation.

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