Holy Monastery of Vatopedi

Between the ages 972 to 980 the Monastery was built while it was mentioned for the first time in the Second Typical. In fact it managed to occupy the second rank, which means that it developed very quickly. The Emperor Ioannis Katakouzinos was ordained as a monk under the name Iosaf. From the Vatopedi Monastery comes Maximus the Hagiorite, a Greek monk and scholar who was active in Russia and the monk Lawrence Tzagarolas who rehabilitated the practice of monasticism in western Crete.

The Vatopedi Monastery contributed greatly to the education of the enslaved nation with the establishment of the Athonite academy. The Holy Belt of the Theotokos and the miraculous icons of the Mother of Consolation, Virgin Mary Vimatarissa, the Slaughtered and Panagia Antifonitria that are kept here reveal the strong presence of Mary. The monastery has 14 chapels. The spire is the highest and oldest one of Mount Athos. The library contains approximately 2,000 manuscripts and more than 40,000 publications. Feast Day: The Annunciation.

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Holy Monastery of Vatopedi

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