Holy Monastery of Zografou

It was founded in the 10th century by three siblings, when the Emperor was Leo VI the Wise. It was named after the following event: the three brothers were arguing about the Saint whose name would be used to venerate the Monastery. Everyone wanted a different saint. After finishing the construction of the Catholic they decided to leave to God to choose its name.

So they got a board, placed it in the Temple and locked the door. In the morning they realized that the icon of St. George, the Great-martyr and Trophy-bearer was painted on it. Until 1845 Greeks, Serbs, and Bulgarians lived there as monks and therefore the memorial ceremonies were held in Greek and Bulgarian. From this year on the Bulgarians dominated and four years after, in 1849, the monastery entered the communal life. The fairly rich library of it contains 126 Greek and 388 Slavic manuscripts and more than 8,000 publications. Feast Day: Saint George.

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