Holy Hut of Saint George – Skete of Saint Anne, Minor

Straight after the New Skete, the panorama of the Skete of Saint Anne opens. The Huts emerge through the dense vegetation, perched on the north and south side of a deep ravine. The layout of the settlement of the cloister could be likened to an inverted w.

The left rocky arm north of the inverted w, ends up into the sea and at its mountaintop the huge church of St. George of the Hut of Kartsonaion prevails. It was designed and built by the architect Pavlos Mylonas, who has devoted a large part of his work to Mount Athos. The Kartsonaion Brotherhood was founded by the monk Gabriel Kartsonas the Spiritual (1876-1956), who originated from the Arfara region of Messinia in Greece. They settled there with his elder Gerasimos the Spiritual, who passed away in 1914.

The Hagiographic House of Kartsonaion became famous. Among the younger members of the brotherhood, the chanter Dionysius who passed away in 1959 and Panteleimon who passed away in 1992 stood out. The Hut produces excellent wax-creams, genuine monastic products which comply with the European Union Cosmetics Regulations, as well as unique incenses.

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Holy Hut of Saint George