The Skete of Saint Basil

In between Katounakia and Kerasia and at an altitude of 700 meters, the small church of St. Basil is located and around it some Huts are gathered. The Skete of St. Basil on Mount Athos is attached to the steep side of the mountain, the top of which, 200 meters above the Skete, is crowned with the small church of Prophet Elias. Straight after the gorge of Katounakia, a large slope, the result of landslides and precipitation, reaches the sea. Today only the old main church of the Greek Orthodoxy and 6 Huts continue to exist.

Many renowned ascetics lived as monks here, including Saint Paisius Velichkovsky and Elder Joseph the Hesychast. From St. Basil a path starts that leads to the Skete of Saint Anne, passing from Katounakia and the Skete of Saint Anne Minor on Mt athos

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