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The New Exhibition Of The Archon Hagiographer Of The Patriarchate Of Alexandria, Mr. Konstantinos Xenopoulos, With 3D Works!

The new exhibition of the Archon hagiographer of the Patriarchate of Alexandria, Mr. Konstantinos Xenopoulos, with 3D works!

The Archon hagiographer, Mr. Konstantinos Ksenopoulos, presents his new work, which is different from what we’ve seen so far in the art of hagiography.Αγιογράφος Ξενόπουλος τρισδιάστατα έργα

Each hagiography is an “exergo” and gives a three-dimensional sense. Inside the large painting, there is a smaller one, either facial, landscape or mosaic. It is a very innovative composition that goes beyond the ordinary.

Ο Αγιογράφος Κωνσταντίνος ΞενόπουλοςΑγιογράφος Ξενόπουλος τρισδιάστατα έργαIn the first artwork, St. Paisios is depicted in a separate stretcher. He sits in the courtyard of his Holly Cell. The Hut is crafted on mosaic, combined with painting.

The second artwork, is an exergo as well. It depicts the Holy Monastery of Vatopedi. On the left we see Elder Joseph seated. In a separate stretcher, depicts the abbot of Vatopedi Monastery, in two-colors.

In the third exergo, we see Elder Nicanor of Kafsokalyvia drinking his coffee, and Kafsokalyvia where the Elder had as on upper right side, in a separate stretcher where ascetic elder.

The exhibition with the new works of the Archon hagiographer, will be held under the Money Show 2016 exhibition, at Hyatt Regency Casino, with the support of the Mount Athos Products Exhibition. It will include hagiographic compositions of innovative styles with Athos themes. More information and details about the days and times, will be given within the next days.

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