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An excellent herbal mix from Mount Athos beneficial for constipation. Helps to relieve symptoms of constipation and contributes in the well-being of the human body.


Origin: Mount Athos Pharmacy

Νet Weight: 200 gr


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Herbal Mix from Mount Athos for Constipation

This herbal mix from Mount Athos is very beneficial for constipation. This combination of herbs helps to the proper bowel function and to relieve symptoms of constipation. Has natural laxative effect and fights intestinal disorders.

This herbal mix is being prepared by monks at the Mount Athos Pharmacy with a traditional monastic recipe and with herbs that are gathered from the unpolluted Athonite land. Old recipes from Mount Athos continues to this day to help people with their unique benefits. The above information are not replacing doctor’s advice.


This herbal mix from Mount Athos contains: chamomile, buckthorn, hibiscus, leaves of senna and mountain tea.


Add two tablespoons of the herb in a pot and then put inside 1,5 litre of boiled water. Leave it for about five – ten minutes and then strain it. If you want to add a bit of sweetness to your tea, try adding a small spoonful of honey. You can drink a cup 2 or 3 times a day.


Origin: Mount Athos Pharmacy

Νet Weight: 200 gr

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