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Daily prayers and supplications in various circumstances are concentrated in My Prayer Book. Small and practical, you can have it always with you. It is necessary to every Christian for everyday prayer. The Prayer Book is available only in Greek language. 
Pages: 120

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My Prayer Book

Spiritual communication with God is necessary for every Christian. Prayer is God’s command and the vital food of humans’ soul. In prayer, humans speak to their Father. They ask for help with their problems, support and consolation.

Prayer, however, is not only the supplication and expression of demands. It is also praise and hymn to the Holy God for the blessings it gives to humans.

Because humans’ attention easily breaks down and does not concentrate on the worship of God at the time of prayer, the Prayer Book is a necessary aid for every Christian. It includes the most important and most familiar wishes and successions of the Church.

The prayers contained in the Prayer Book cover the most basic of the spiritual quests and needs of the believer’s soul. They praise the Lord Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary and the saints.

In the prayer boom you will find: morning and evening prayers, prayers before eating, evening service, paschal service, hymns in Virgin Mary and prayers in various occasions.


The Prayer Book is available only in Greek language. 

Pages: 120

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