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Mount Athos aloe vera soap is 100% natural product. It provides deep cleansing while nourishing and keeping the skin soft. It treats skin diseases and reduces skin irritation and allergies. It is ideal for everyday use.
Net Weight: 100gr

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Natural Ale Vera Soap from Mount Athos

Mount Athos Aloe Vera Soap is a genuine monastic product. It is made by the monks in Holy Cell of Archangels which belongs to Hilandar Monastery, following authentic traditional recipes of Mount Athos. For its preparation, they are used only 100% natural ingredients which are derived from the Athonite land.

Mount Athos Aloe Vera Soap is ideal for everyday use. It cleanses deeply the skin while nourishing and moisturizing the skin. It can be used in the whole body as well as in the hair as it offers deep hydration and protection. The bath with Aloe Vera Soap contributes to skin irritation. It keeps the skin soft while at the same time it treats it.

Mount Athos aloe vera soap: Ingredients

The natural soap from Mount Athos contains: saponified oils, water, olive oil, aloe vera oil, salt.

Aloe Vera: An elixir of longevity

Aloe Vera is also called a “plant of immortality”. Aloe is widely used in pharmacy and cosmetology. It acts soothing to various skin irritations, such as herpes, burns, scars, calves. Aloe is extremely effective in hydrating and daily body and hair care. It deeply hydrates, increases collagen production and enhances the natural defense of the epidermis and hair.

Aloe Vera also contributes significantly to the treatment of acne. In addition, it has anti-aging properties as it slows down the aging of the skin.

Aloe is particularly effective in treating many skin diseases as it can even restrict psoriasis. It combats skin allergies, itch, eczema, fungal infections and insect bites.


Origin: Holy Cell of Archangels, Holy Monastery of Hilandar
Net Weight: 100gr

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