Archangel Michael | Mount Athos Icon on naturally aged wood

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The brilliant magistrate of the inward forces Archangel Michael plays a key role in both the Old and the New Testament. His interventions are many and with the purpose of people’s salvation. The icon has been placed on a naturally aged wood that comes straight from an Athonite Cell.
Dimensions: 32 x 25 x 2,5 cm



Archangel Michael – the brilliant magistrate of the inward forces

The brilliant magistrate of the inward forces Archangel Michael plays a key role in both the Old and the New Testament. His interventions are many and with the purpose of people’s salvation.

Archangel Michael appeared to Abraham at Isaac’s sacrifice. Then to Lot when he redeemed him with his family from the Sodom disaster. He appeared to Jacob when he was saved by his brother Esau who wanted to murder him.

The Archangel Michael, in the form of nebula and fire, traveled in front of the Israelites when they were freed from the Egyptian bonds, showing them the way to the Promised Land.

When Lucifer, who belonged to the angels, revolted because of his pride against God, he wanted to become His likeness. A bunch of angels broke down from God and followed him. These angels, along with Lucifer, were persecuted and turned into demons. Then, the Archangel Michael, with humiliation and submission to God, gathered and joined the ranks of the angels, saying to them, “let us be careful not to fall from the light in the dark like Lucifer”. He thus preserved the glory of the other angelic orders.

The Assembly of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel and all the angelic battalions is celebrated on November 8th.

A collectible icon of Archangel Michael from Mount Athos!

Archangel Michael is depicted in frontal position while holding a spear with his right hand and a sphere in his left hand which symbolizes the world. He is wearing a bright – orange tunic and is depicted with wings that reveal his divine nature. The icon is adorned with a metallic halo and stands out with its great attention to detail.

Archangel Michael – Characteristics of the icon

The icon has been crafted with high quality materials and the unique method of the loyal depiction of the forms that the Byzantine hagiography workshop of Father Pefkis follows. The details stand out with their vivid tone as well as the outline of the form of the Archangel and the folds of his mantle. The painted surface has been covered with pure beeswax in order to maintain intact with its bright colors.

The artwork has the signature of the Athonite academy student and well-known painter and priest father Pefkis.

Blessed Wood that came out of Heaven!

Mount Athos Monks deeply appreciate the historical and spiritual significance of the place where they live. They try to use everything around them for the glory of God.

Even perishable materials that seemed to have no use in the past are now utilized by Greek Orthodox Monks. Thus, old woods that are found after the renovation of Holy Cells are used thanks to the wisdom of Greek Orthodox Monks.

Woods that used to be supporting beams in the past are now used for the creation of these collectible icons.

They continue to carry the Athonite blessing of Mount Athos since they come straight from this holy place.

Thanks to Mount Athos Exhibition, these collectible icons can be found in the hands of cosmic people who are now able to purchase real treasures of unique spiritual value.

Monks tend to accompany their work with prayers while the creation of these unique works of Byzantine art is one of their daily occupations.

Blessed Mount Athos Woods – Preservation

The wood has been carefully cut and preserved by Greek Orthodox Monks. On the back side of the icon two parallel cross – beams have been placed that support the image as well as leather hook in order for the hagiography to be hung on the wall.

The icon bears the seal Mount Athos on its back side.

The handcrafted icon of Archangel Michael is unique and its design can not be repeated!


Discover collectible icons that have been crafted on woods that come straight from the Garden on Virgin Mary!


Origin: Mount Athos
Dimensions: 32 x 25 x 2,5 cm

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