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Aromatic Charcoals for Incense Burning are authentic monastic handiwork. They are made according to Athonite tradition, such as manufactured by Saint Porphyry in Garden of the Virgin Mary. With no flammable materials, they are ready for censes. The aromas myrrh and cherubikon once again available in 10 days.
Net Weight: 25g

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Aromatic Charcoals for Incense Burning in 7 unique Fragrances

Aromatic Charcoals for Incense Burning are 100% handmade and authentic products. They are made following the tradition of Athonite Fathers. St. Porphyry, according to his biography, has manufactured them in Mount Athos as his deaconship.

They contain no flammable materials. They are friendly to holy icons. Disinfect the area, without burdening it and do not cause discomfort. Aromatic Charcoals for Incense Burning are ready for censes. They last about half an hour.

Aromatic Charcoals for Incense Burning are not usual nor some simple aromatic charcoals. There is no need to add incense in them because incense is contained inside them. They are made only from natural ingredients and are free of toxic materials.

The Aromatic Charcoals are available in 8 aromas:

Evening Primrose

Aromatic Charcoals for Incense Burning: How do we use them?

Because they do not contain toxic and flammable materials, their lighting is a small pleasant ritual. Keep an aromatic charcoal horizontally and firmly, turn it to the edge, insisting for 10- 15 seconds until you see it lit a small flame. Leave it for a while and then either switches itself off or not, blow gently to oxygenate combustion.

Aromatic Charcoal starts to smolder for at least half an hour, releasing the entire length and with the same intensity all odoriferous characteristics of incense. For shorter, you can cut it in half. If it gets wet, it is not incapacitated. Let it dry and use it normally.

Saint Porphyry and Aromatic Charcoals

Saint Porphyry, transpired from divine zeal for most mystic and devout celebration of sequences, served from early in the composition of perfumes that would be suitable for making incense. The results of this effort was excellent. He managed with an original recipe, from the 1970s to unify the brush with the aromas of incense. According to his biography, since then, he had used only the aromatic charcoals he had produced by himself.


Each box contains 12 pieces.
Net Weight: 25g

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