Aromatic Essential Oils – Premises – 5 Perfumes


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Monastic Essential Oils are 100% natural products. They are made with care and keep their aroma unchanged for long time. Combine the essential oils with flavored premises and enjoy their beneficial effects on body and spirit.
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Aromatic Essential Oils – Premises in 5 unique perfumes

Monastic Aromatic Essential Oils are genuine natural products. Fair and of excellent quality, they have no maturity date. Monastic Essential Oils are kept for many years. Their aroma is stable and rich no matter how much time has passed from their preparation.

Aromatic Essential Oils: How they are used

You can combine Monastic Aromatic Essential Oils with the ceramic flavored premises base of the Exhibition Products of Mount Athos. In flavored premises base a small candle is placed which remains lit and keeps calcined ceramic surface which is positioned on top of the Base. In the “inverted lid” of the base a small amount, a few drops, of essential oil is placed. The flame of the candle that keeps warm the base surface helps the Essential Oil of throwing its aroma in the room.

Essential Oils: Properties

Essential Oils are derived from the distillation of aromatic plants. They are volatiles, they are evaporated very quickly, in contrast to vegetable oils or oils. They are received from various parts of plants, such as flowers, fruits, leaves, bark, roots, seeds or resin. They are the vital energy and strength of a plant.

Thanks to their small molecule structure, they can easily enter into the human body and  provide their beneficial effects. They are used for therapeutic and ornamental purposes. Essential Oils are considered as the most intelligent and beneficial substances in nature.

Essential Oils act as air fresheners, enhancing the health of body and spirit. They offer harmony in the space and in human as well. Depending on their flavor, they can impart a sense of devoutness in the atmosphere and help humans to gather in prayer or meditation.

They also help detoxify the body while relaxing and calming people after a busy day.

Net Weight: 10ml

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