Aromatic Incense Bracelet- Embedded Cross


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Authentic monastic handiwork. Aromatic Incense Bracelet is made of processed resin which is kneaded with incense. It keeps its aroma unchanged. Thick and stylish, it can be worn in hand, bringing to those who use it monastic blessing and incense’s aroma.
Beads: 15

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Aromatic Incense Bracelet with Embedded Cross

Aromatic Incense Bracelet is a genuine monastic product. It is made with love and prayer as a handiwork by the monks. It consists of 15 beads of processed resin which is kneaded with incense. It has a distinctive aroma. The aroma of the Incense remains unchanged for as long as it passes.

The beads from the Aromatic Bracelet are passed into a thin and firm cling. Among them, there is an embedded metal cross.

Aromatic Incense Bracelet is available in three colors, grey, green and red, to choose the one you like most.

Lightweight and stylish, Aromatic Incense Bracelet can be worn continuously in the hand. Its distinctive aroma soothes and calms down human body. At the same time, it constantly reminds those who wear the bracelet the hard work of the monks and brings their blessings.

Incense: Properties

Incense has anxiolytic and antidepressant properties. It helps in spiritual growth while acting beneficial in various diseases. Its aroma works soothingly in the anxiety and intensity of everyday life, calming the human body.

Handiwork: Monks’ daily activity

The everyday life of the monks involves a lot of prayer and participation in all the services that take place in the temple of the monastery. At the same time, however, all monks and nuns are in charge of a commemoration, a work in the monastery.

The most common occupation of the monks is the handiwork, the construction of various products with their hands, based on the monastic tradition. These handmade products, made with effort and passion, carry the blessings of the monastic tradition.


Beads: 15
Net weight: 18g

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