Aromatic Mount Athos Olive Oil | 250ml

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Extra Virgin Aromatic Mount Athos Olive Oil with pure herbs from the Athonite Land. It is made with special love and care by monk Meliton from Koutloumousian Cell of Saint George. It is ideal for making Mediterranean cuisine recipes stand out with their unique taste and flavor!
Net Weight: 250ml

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Aromatic Mount Athos Olive Oil with pure herbs from the Athonite Land · 250ml

Aromatic Mount Athos Olive Oil is a genuine monastic product. Monk Meliton, following age old recipes produces high quality olive oil. He only uses natural ingredients for the production of the oil and pure Athonite herbs.

Rosemary & grains of black – red pepper are blended with olive oil and added to the bottle.  They give to it a distinct aroma and unique flavor. Aromatic Mount Athos Olive Oil will add unique taste to your salads, thanks to the pure herbs that it contains. They are carefully collected by Monk Meliton and his fellow brothers.

The method used for the production of this extra virgin aromatic oil is cold press. Cold press method produces higher quality of oil, with greater quantities of antioxidants. it is also superior in terms of health benefits. The herbs that grow on the blessed peaks of Mount Athos give their unique aroma and beneficial properties to the extra virgin olive oil that they are added.

Olive Oil: the liquid gold that dates back to ancient Greece!

The health benefits of olive oil are unrivaled, and research reveals more and more benefits nearly every day. In fact, we are only just beginning to understand the endless ways olive oil can improve not only our health but also our lives. Olive oil is the cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet.

Olive has been a huge part of life in Greece since ancient years. Indeed, one could reasonably assert that the entire Greek civilization was established upon the branches of this humble and unique tree. Goddess ‘Athena’ was believed to have gifted an olive tree to the Athenians which grew next to the Acropolis. Presumably in honor of the city state’s devotion to her. Another myth states that it was Hercules who brought the first olive tree from heavens. Homer refers to olive oil as the ‘liquid gold’ while Aristotle insisted that the cultivation of olive trees was a real science. According to Hippocrates, olive oil was used in ancient Greece for more than 60 pharmaceutical applications!

Find another exceptional aromatic, extra virgin olive oil with herbs that are collected in the area surrounding the Holy Monastery of Xenophontos.

Origin: Koutloumousian Cell of Saint George – Mount Athos
Net Weight: 250ml

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