Aromatic Tea Phaedra | Aikaterina – Apple – Rose Hip – Glass Vase


A unique aromatic herbal tea with strawberry and raspberry flavor that comes to you in luxurious glass packaging. The fine herbs that it contains are sealed airtight to retain their flavor and freshness!
Net Weight: 100g

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The unique range of teas, “Greek Treasures” has rich fragrance based on miraculous herbs of Greek countryside as hibiscus blossoms, rose petals, blueberries, mint, etc. The package is luxurious, glass and invariance retains the flavor and freshness of the herbs.

The aromatic green tea Phaedra-Aikaterina tea with strawberry and raspberry flavor, contains red rose petals, hibiscus flowers, apple pieces and brown rose hip. It contributes to the proper functioning of the digestive system and to better metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and lipids. It has antioxidant properties due to its content of vitamin C.


Strawberry, blackberry, red rose petals, hibiscus flowers, apple pieces coffee rose hip

Put a small amount in boiling water for 7-10 minutes.

Keep in shady and cool place.

Aromatic Tea in Glass Packaging – Greek Treasures Selection
Net Weight: 100g

Tea is a daily habit of modern Greek. Enjoy it hot or cold and prefer for minor ailments. Regulates the organization has vitamins and is good for detoxifying the body and good mood. In each house, tea and highly aromatic tea fruit and herbs is an enjoyable and beneficial commodity.

Choose between different flavors, result of the herbs contained in tea series “Greek Treasures” according to your own needs and tastes. Teas of Greek land is a gift for our organization. An everyday habit and new combinations of flavors are a pleasant note.

Now even modern medicine admits that daily consumption of tea is a shield to diseases and deficiencies of nutrients in our body. One to two cups per day is sufficient for a balanced condition of the human body.

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