Athonite Loukoums – Holy Monastery of Xenophontos


Traditional handmade Athonite Loukoums from the Holy Monastery of Xenophontos. The pure raw materials and the love of the monks who make them give them distinct quality and delicacy.
Net Weight: 350gr

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Athonite Loukoums from Holy Monastery of Xenophontos

Athonite Loukoums from Holy Monastery of Xenophontos are distinguished due to their authentic recipe and their pure ingredients. Their flavor and velvety texture make them unique in their kind.
Made of simple materials and the care of the monks, Athonite Loukoums is a healthy and delicious sweet.

Athonite Loukoums: What are they made of?

Handmade Athonite Loukoums are made of sugar, water and starch. They contain a few calories and are a healthy dessert that can be eaten all the time by people of all ages.

Athonite Loukoums and Monastic Hospitality

Loukoums are an integral part of the Greek tradition. Many generations have grown up with their favorite sweet being interwoven with their family moments.
Loukoums, however, are closely related to monastic hospitality. In the monasteries of Mount Athos and in most of the monasteries all over Greece, the first thing the visitors will taste, as soon as they enter the monastery’s place for the guests, is a loukoum. Together with a glass of water and a Greek coffee, Loukoums are the most traditional monastic treasure.
We meet them in all the monasteries of Orthodoxy and, along with the smile of the monks, sweeten the visitors who reach tired, physically and psychologically, to them. They do not contain fat and can be consumed throughout the year. Together with the preserves, loukoums are among the most popular sweets during the fasting periods.
Plain, but delicious, Athonite Loukoums, along with their sweetness, offer to those who taste them a sense of tranquility.


Origin: Holy Monastery of Xenophontos
Net Weight: 350gr

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