Worry Beads – Natural Wood · Nutmeg | 4 Colors – Mount Athos


Athonite Worry Beads consist of natural wood and stand out thanks to their unique nutmeg aroma. They have been crafted by Athonite Monks and are the perfect gift for your loved ones.
Beads: Brown, Black, Bordeuax & Green Color

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Athonite Worry Beads do not lose their aroma and have a pleasant feeling in the hands. They give peace and joy during their playing and consist of 100% nutmeg wood.

Choose between the black, bordeaux & brown color, the one that suits you the best. They bear a silver colored metallic cross with the crucified Christ on them.

Mount Athos worry beads are the perfect gift for your loved ones, because they are an extremely rare and beautiful monastic handiwork.

The etymology of kompoloi (κομπολόι) – worry beads – comes from the word knot(=κόμπος) and speech(=λόγος).

Pope Gregory JG established the first Sunday of October as a day for the beads to be worn, because as the tradition says the Archangel Gabriel taught Saint Pachomius and Saint Dominic how to craft the chaplets.

In the Orthodox faith, beads were only worn by monks and clergymen. During the last few years, they are also popular among worshipers as they consist an essential complement of our daily prayer.

Attention: the product is made exclusively for you after placing the order and is available within 7 days.

This product is 100% percent handmade and regularly updated in our exhibition. This is why it may present some variations in colors or patterns of materials. Contact us at 2310 456020 for information about available colors and designs.

Origin: Mount Athos
Net Weight: 30g
Beads: Brown, Black, Bordeuax & Green

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