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An innovative monastic product essential to daily care and cleansing the skin. The blackberry soap from the Holy Monastery of Ascension deep cleanses the skin while protecting it with its antioxidant properties.
Net Weight: 80g

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Monastic soap with black berry for deep cleansing

Black berry soap is an authentic natural monastic product. It is made with the know-how of the nuns in the Holy Monastery of Ascension.

Thanks to the properties of blackberries, black berry soap deeply cleanses the skin while at the same time cares and moisturizes the skin. It is an ideal product for daily cleanliness and facial and body care, especially for oily skin.

Black berry: Properties

Black berries are an excellent nutrition-rich food for the body. In addition, they are particularly beneficial to the skin as an ingredient in cosmetics, such as monastic soap.

Blackberries have plenty of antioxidants that help fight free radicals. They help renew skin cells and protect them from harmful sun rays.

Berries are largely made up of water. This gives them excellent moisturizing properties for the skin. At the same time they offer the skin all their valuable nutrients.

In addition, blackberries contain vitamins A, C and K, which help revitalize the skin, providing deep cleansing, especially to oily skins.

Black berries also contain tannins that give them astringent properties. Thanks to these, the soap with blackberries contributes to the healing of wounds and abrasions. It soothes annoying symptoms of skin problems such as psoriasis and acne.

Monastic blackberry soap is an excellent product for daily use on face and body, especially for oily skin.


Origin: Holy Monastery of Ascension
Net Weight: 80g


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