Byzantine Double-Headed Eagle – Lapel Pin (ST11)


Large, elegant lapel pin with the emblematic Byzantine Double Headed Eagle, symbol of power and glory of the Byzantine Empire. Ideal to adorn the lapel of your jacket or coat it is also the perfect gift for your loved ones.
Dimensions: 4×4

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Large Lapel Pin that is decorated with the Byzantine Double-Headed Eagle

Discover an elegant and large pin, depicting the Byzantine Double Headed Eagle. It is made of brass with great attention to detail & has decorative and symbolic meaning.

It is an excellent choice to decorate the lapel of your jacket or coat & can be worn even on thick sweaters or scarves. The large lapel pin fits both men and women and give Byzantine elegance to your appearance!

The lapel pin adds a subtle air of “dapper” to your look and is an easy way to customize your attire to your own personal style.

The large lapel pin is also available in a set of two small lapel pins which add unique elegance to your look!

Double Headed Eagle: History and Symbolism

The two heads of the eagle symbolize the dual nature or dual power of those who use it. In Byzantium, the double-headed eagle appeared and became well known during the era of Komninos.

As a royal symbol it was used until the Palaiologos Dynasty and remained as a symbol even after the Fall of Constantinople. This is when it acquired the symbolic meaning of liberation, becoming a symbol of the Great Idea.

During the Ottoman Empire, the double-headed eagle symbolizes another constant feature of Greek history: the request for the regeneration and restoration of ancient glory.

The double-headed eagle appears in countless and diverse portrayals, in various forms of art, and is also used by our folk tradition. Very often, the floors of the post-Byzantine churches are decorated with the double-headed eagle, usually in the centre of the temple, under the dome.

Apart from the temples decorations, the double-headed eagle adorns religious items, the woodwork, embroidery, weaving, clergy liturgical vestments, pottery and ceramics.

Also, the double-headed eagle is used in painting as well as church inscriptions. Majestic in appearance, the double-headed eagle with its long history is the emblem of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

The Byzantine double-headed eagles in the form of these two pins have two buckles in order to stand more firmly.

Dimensions: 4 x 4 cm

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