Car Aromatic Pendant – Nutmeg Natural Wood


Authentic Monastic Car Aromatic Pendant, made of Nutmeg Natural Wood, Cross-shaped. It is ideal to place it in the car as an amulet. It is an excellent gift choice for your loved ones.
Net Weight: 18gr

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Car Aromatic Pendant  – Nutmeg Natural Wood

Car Aromatic Pendant is a genuine monastic handiwork. It is made of natural wood of nutmeg, keeping the aroma of the nutmeg untouched as long as it passes.

It consists of five beads of Natural Wood of Nutmeg, in the shape of a cross. At the center of the cross that forms the beads, there is a small metal cross.

Car Aromatic Pendant made by Nutmeg Wood, in traditional design:

On one side of the metal cross there are the byzantine letters IS XS NI KA . This is the abbreviation in Greek language of the phrase “Jesus Christ Wins”. On the other side of the metal cross, the words, Life, horizontally, and Light, vertically, are written, having a common letter that unites them. These words refer to Jesus Christ, which is Life and Light, according to the Gospel.

The cross formed by the beads of nutmeg ends with a small metal bead from which crimson fringes hang. At the top of the cross there is a crimson rope that makes it easy and practical to hang the cross in the car.

Car Aromatic Pendant is an ideal choice for any type of vehicle to offer protection to the driver and the passengers. The elegant monastic handiwork will accompany you on every trip and every transportation, carrying monastic blessings. At the same time, the distinctive and relaxing aroma of the nutmeg is spreading into the space.

You can place the Car Aromatic Pendant from your vehicle’s middle mirror or pass it on to the gear lever as an amulet. It is also a great option to offer as a gift to your loved ones who drive to protect them while they are driving.

Car Aromatic Pendant’s Beads are made from 100% Natural Wood of Nutmeg while being pressurizwith essential oils.

Origin: Mount Athos
Beads: 5
Net Weight: 18γρ

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