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Having the car perfume from Mount Athos in your car while traveling you have always with you the fragrance of incense and the blessing of Mount Athos’ Fathers. It is available in a small practical bottle for easy use. Ideal for perfuming the car and the office.
Net Weight: 7ml

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Car perfume from Mount Athos

The car perfume, car air freshener, is a genuine Athonite product. The monks in Mount Athos, with experience and taste, use the traditional techniques they know from incense making to create fragrances for the car with authentic ecclesiastical scents.

So we should have with us while traveling the fragrance of incense and the blessing of the Fathers of the Mount Athos. These traditional ecclesiastical fragrances are closed in small practical bottles, which are ideal for perfuming the car and every room.

The aromatic car from Mount Athos is available in the following fragrances: Desert rose, Sinai Flower, Byzantine, Bethlehem, Civet, Myrrh, Nazareth, Nard, Sarov and Cherubicon.

Car Perfume: Use

The bottle with the car perfume, beneath its wooden lid, contains a plastic safety cap. Remove the plastic cap and re-close the wooden lid. We wring the bottle to water the wooden lid with the fragrance and put the bottle in the car, office or in any room we want to flavor.

The packaging contains a paper icon that is used as a bookmark.


Net Weight: 7ml
Origin: Mount Athos Pharmacy, Karyes

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