Ceramic Candle Base – 2 Colors


Handmade, open candle, on a basis that is detached and washed. A monastic, simple and elegant religious handiwork surfacing with its orange glass the sweet light. You can combine it with matching Ceramin Air Freshner Base.
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Ceramic Candle Base in Two Colors

You have created your own monastic collection of handicrafts? If so, the monastic Ceramic Candle Base is a religious product you can’ t miss. The oil lamp is a handmade ceramic artwork. It is made based on a traditional byzantine design. Beautiful both as decoration and as a vessel. Combined with the incenses and essences, this is beneficial for the soul. It should be placed on a stable surface and always under supervision.

Its base is large, removable and each part can be washed separately. It is available in two colors, crimson and blue. The orange glass in the container in where the oil, water, kantilithra or the wick are placed. The glass diffuses a sweet light and creates an ambient atmosphere.

Why turn on the Candle?

In the Orthodox tradition, the Candle is placed in front of the holy icons, in the  “iconostasis” of the house and it burns each day. The monks explain that the Candle has a symbolic significance. As the candle burns in the oil, so does the souls seeking God’s mercy, “burning” our own will and doing the will of God.

A clean lamp with pure olive oil is a sign of respect and worship. It is used as a blessing for the house and its members who curate lighting the candle and pray at the same time. In many monasteries, the best oil of the year, the most excellent monastic oil, devote to light the candles in the church and chapels and then the cells. In this way monks reveal the dedication of their life and works to God. Usually the lighting of the candle is the work of the monk in charge of the deaconship “responsible for the church”.

Ceramic Candle can be combined perfectly with the color matched handmade flavored space.

Weight: 380gr

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