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Chopped noodles with eggs is a great product with monastic recipe which is considered as a principal part of Mediterranean diet. It is an easily digestible food and promotes a healthy diet.


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Chopped Noodles with Eggs and Monastic Recipe

Noodles and generally pasta are a principal part of Mediterranean diet, as it is an easily digestible food, quick to prepare and you can also combined it very easily with every ingredient or sauce you want, but most of all it helps promote a healthier way of diet. These chopped noodles are made with monastic recipe and raw materials and they are a food product necessary in our kitchen due to its nutrients. This is a food product that combines the wisdom of a monastic recipe, pure ingredients and high level of production process. You can find these noodles and many kinds of handmade pasta at Product Exhibition of Mount Athos.

Nutritional Value and Ingredients

The chopped noodles in combination with eggs and milk that they contain is a complete food rich in nutritional value. Chopped noodles as all kinds of pasta contain iron, selenium, calcium, phosphorus,  proteins and B-complex vitamins while they have little fat, cholesterol and sodium. Something that must be mentioned is that the proteins in noodles are high quality proteins and easily digestible, which makes them a suitable food for children, adults and elderly people. Lovers of traditional and authentic flavours will especially appreciate the monastic noodles. This is 100% monastic product made with love and care. Monks are recommending that after the purchase this product must be kept in a dry and cool place and avoid sun exposure.



Net Weight: 500 gr

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