Christ Blessing – Mount Athos Icon on naturally aged wood

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Christ Blessing is depicted on a canvas in a unique icon. The wood of the icon comes from Mount Athos where it was used as a beam in a holy cell. After the renovation of the cell, the monks gave a new life to carry out the form of Christ outside Mount Athos and the blessing of the Athonite tradition.
Dimensions: 30 x 25 x 3 cm


Icon with Chrits Blessing on naturally aged wood

They have resembled the cracks that cause the wood time and wear with the cracks caused to the soul by pain and sorrow. This gentle likeness comes to answer in a unique way the hand of the monk who created the icon “Christ Blessing” in natural aged wood.

Wood that came out of Paradise

For years, Mount Athos has been producing works of high quality and interest that bring this historic place close to the people of faith. This tradition continues in many and inventive ways. After the forced renovation of many cells, old woods that were used either for portraits or for large tables, ceilings or stairs were found in no use. These woods, worn out of time but still alive, were carefully preserved and pictured.

On the preserved old wood, the icon of Christ Blessing was placed on a canvas which in turn was aged exactly as it would be if the wear of time had come to the whole of the work. The sculptured cast iron halo gives the picture the aesthetics of the icons in the chapels 100 years ago.

The monks with these works do not chase the past. They keep the long tradition of Mount Athos by evolving it. This wood has lived and served in Mount Athos for many years. It is time to pass in a new form to a life outside the Virgin Mary’s Garden, where as an icon it can carry the grace and blessing of the Ark of Orthodoxy. This work is unique and is available exclusively from the Mount Athos Products Exhibition.


Dimensions: 30 x 25 x 3 cm

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