Clay Pot Candle with wonderful monastic Byzantine aroma


Clay Pot Scented Candle has been put in an elegant bowl and works like a small candlestick. It is orange and has a unique incense aroma. Light it and enjoy the fragrance of the monastic warmth in your room and heart.
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Monastic Clay Pot Scented Candle with incense aroma

Monastic Clay Pot Scented Candle stands out for its elegant design and unique aroma that it gives out when it burns. It has been placed in an elegant ecru clay bowl, with earthy tones. Its distinctive colors fit every space.

The Aromatic Candle has orange color and a unique incense aroma. It is a handmade monastic product. The wick remains lit inside the candle until the wax runs out, which makes it practical and safe to use.

Clay Pot Scented Candle is available in a unique Byzantine aroma.

Monastic Fragrance

The candle and its flame are part of the daily life of Mount Athos Monks. The lighting of the candles on the Garden of Virgin Mary does not only take place at the temples during service times. The monks tend to light candles in their cells as they pray, study, or make their everyday rule.

The sweet warmth that emerges from the Clay Pot Scented Candle and the glow from the light that it emits can be a reminder of the monastic tradition in the everyday life of people who seek light and spiritual uplifting.

The distinctive aroma that spreads in the room can gain unique spiritual value. The way in which the wax slowly melts, giving out warmth and spreading light, can only be compared to the ephemeral nature of human life.

Clay Pot Scented Candle, with its sweet incense aroma, offers spiritual relaxation and tranquility. You can light it during prayer time or while studying spiritual texts. Its fragrance and warm light will help reduce your stress of the day and concentrate on your spiritual activities.

The Clay Pot Scented Candle gives off a wonderful smell and is available exclusively via the Mount Athos Products Exhibition!

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Net Weight: 300g

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