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Cranberries are a great source of antioxidants and antibactirials. Use them in your everyday meal and see their benefits in your body.
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Cranberries with Αntioxidant and Anti-inflammatory effect from the Mount Athos Pharmacy

Cranberries belong to the great category of superfoods! As it is known, superfoods cover a great spectrum of nutrients, necessary of the healthy nad proper function of our body. the same applies to cranberries, with their great taste, vivid colour and their numberous nutrinets. Add them in your daily recipes, and discover a whole in habit for a better body.

What are the benefits of Cranberries for our body?

Cranberries, can inhibit the growth and proliferation diffferent kinf of cancer in:

  • breast
  • skin
  • colon
  • lung
  • brain
  • and prostate

They are a superfood, rich in antioxidants· antioxidants are responsible not only for the reduction of bad LDL – cholesterol, but for increasing the good HDL – cholesterol. This is how, the formation of atherosclerotic plaque in the lumen of blood vessels, is prevented or limited.

Also, cranberries show strong anti-inflammatory effect. As a result, consuming them can prevent the cardiovascular disease, more effeciently than other superfoods could help you with this. Moreover, they can prevent urinary tract infections! How? They inhibit adhesion of bacteria to the walls of the urinary tract.

Their antibacterial activity, protect us from the formation of dental plaque and contribute to the eradication of H. pylori, the organism responsible for the development of gastric ulcer.

How can we consume the cranberries?

Add color, flavor and nutrients in your food. Use them in salads, roasts, in smoothies or yogurt! They will delight you.

Προέλευση: Φαρμακείο Αγίου Όρους, Καρυές
Καθαρό Βάρος: 200g

Origin: Mount Athos Pharmacy, Karyes
Net Weight: 200ml

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