Cretan Balsamic Vinegar with Honey


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A wonderful monastic recipe made of authentic Cretan thyme honey and balsamic vinegar. The Monastery Cretan Balsamic Vinegar with Honey is ideal in order to bring out the rich flavor of the Mediterranean cuisine dishes!
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The Monastery Cretan Balsamic Vinegar with Honey is made according to a beloved and special monastic recipe.

This recipe was created by blending authentic Cretan thyme honey with excellent quality aged in wooden barrels, balsamic vinegar.

It is made of 100% natural ingredients with no preservatives or additives.

What makes Cretan Balsamic Vinegar with Honey unique?

The Monastery Cretan Vinegar with Honey, made from genuine Cretan high quality products, such as thyme honey and balsamic vinegar, combines the excellent features of these specific products.

Cretan thyme honey is considered one of the best honeys in Greece. The special characteristics of the Cretan natural environment make the production of the Cretan thyme honey unique while all secrets of the island are enclose in it.

Crete is full of aromatic plants such as thyme, offering bees the best ground to make a honey of exceptional quality. The balsamic vinegar, apart from its rich sweet taste and velvety scent that adds to the dishes, has multiple health benefits for the human body.

Nutritional Value

It contains phenolic compounds and bioflavonoids, substances with strong antioxidant activity. Balanced consumption has been shown to reduce cardiovascular events, the risk of breast cancer as well as the risk of developing diabetes. The health benefits do not stop here. It is considered to help improve stomach function and facilitate blood circulation. It also acts as an antiseptic, increasing the resistance of the human body to flu.

Cretan Balsamic Vinegar – consumption

The rich taste of the Monastic Cretan Vinegar with Honey makes it ideal to bring out the flavors of meat, fish, fruit, cheese, pasta. It is an essential ingredient for a tasty salad with raw or cooked vegetables! Try it and give unique Cretan flavor to your everyday dishes.

Origin: Vinolio, Chania – Crete
Net Weight: 250ml

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