Crucifix – Neck Cross – Gold & Silver (9103X)


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Made with the love and effort of the Greek Orthodox Monks, the neck cross is made of pure silver and gold & stands out thanks to its engraved details.
Materials: Silver & Gold

Dimensions: 3,5cm x 2cm

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Neck Cross with golden, silver and engraved details that is handmade by Athonite Monks

Authentic monastic handiwork, the neck cross is made of pure silver and has gold all around and engraved details.

It is a unique cross – amulet that consists of silver 925o, superior quality gold and is made with the love and care of the Orthodox Monks.

The monastic neck cross with golden and silver details can be worn as a necklace while it also functions as an amulet that protects us and gives us a unique peace of mind.

What is it made of?

It is made of gold and silver, two materials that withstand the ravages of time.

The monastic neck cross has a distinctive size and unique design and can be worn daily by men, women & children. It is an ideal choice as a gift to your relatives and friends.

Thanks to the superior quality of the materials that it is made of it can also be used as a baptismal cross.

It is a very stylish and modern handiwork that acts as jewelry. The monks who make it accompany their work with unceasing prayer offering to the cross their unique spiritual blessings.

Cross: a unique emblem of glory!

With the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the Cross turned into a symbol of His infinite love for people. Before Lords Crucifixion, it was considered a symbol of disgrace and punishment while after that it became a unique emblem of glory and honor!

* Combine the neck cross with a silver 40 cm chain that costs 10€ or a 60cm silver chain that has an extra cost of 20€.

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Materials: Silver & Gold

Dimensions: 3,5cm x 2cm

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