Crucifixion & Holy Trinity – Neck Cross – Gold & Silver (9258X)


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Discover a unique neck cross that depicts the Crucifixion of Jesus on the one side and the Holy Trinity on the other side. Handmade by Orthodox Monks it stands out with its silver, golden and engraved details!
Materials: Silver & Gold


Neck Cross depicting the Crucifixion on the one side and the Holy Trinity on the other side!

Collectible monastic handiwork, the Neck Cross – Crucifixion – Holy Trinity stands out with its engraved patterns and handmade details.

Neck Cross – front side

The Crucifixion of Jesus is an incident of outmost importance for the Greek Orthodoxy. At the centre of the composition, Jesus is depicted with his head slightly tilted to the right.

Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, is expressing with her look the pain that she is feeling for her Son. On the right side, John, the beloved disciple, is depicted bowing his head while expressing sorrow.

Neck Cross – back side

At the back side of the cross, we have the depiction of the Holy Trinity according to the unique style of the Russian hagiographer A. Roublev. Three Angels with no age difference are sitting around a table and bless the calf at the center of the table. The three people without age and sex stand out with their immaterial pictorial beauty!

Made by Orthodox Monks, the Neck Cross – Crucifixion – Holy Trinity, stands out with its golden details all around the cross.

* Combine the neck cross with a silver 50 cm chain that costs 12€ or a 60cm silver chain that has an extra cost of 20€.

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Material: Silver & Gold

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