Icon with polished gold – Prophet Elias| Mount Athos


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A unique icon of Byzantine art with representation of Prophet Elias. An authentic handmade icon with polished gold and exceptionally carvings made by the tsoukani technique from monks at Mount Athos.


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Origin: Holy Cell of Saint Makarii, Mount Athos

Dimensions: 23 x 31 cm


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Icon with polished gold and tsoukani technique with Prophet Elias

According to Orthodox tradition when Elias was born, his father Sabah saw angels of God around the child, swaddling it with fire and feeding it with flames. Prophet Elias came into the greatest conflict with the Israelite king, Ahab, and his evil wife Jezebel, for they worshipped idols and turned the people from the service of the one, living God.

On top of this, Jezebel, being a Syrian, persuaded her husband to build a temple to the Syrian god, Baal, and appointed many priests to the service of this false god. Elias performed many miracles by the power of God: he closed the heavens, that no rain should fall for three years and six months. He also called down fire from heaven to consume the sacrifice to his God, while the priests of Baal were unable to do this and he brought rain from the heavens at his prayers.

Unique icon of Byzantine art: Characteristics

An exceptional icon with Prophet Elias crafted by monks at Mount Athos. This iconography is entirely crafted by the standards of Byzantine art from the colours until the style that has been used from the monks of the Holy Cell of Saint Makarii, at Mount Athos. An authentic work of art from Mount Athos with collectible value made with polished gold which gives this icon an excellent aesthetic result.

The precious metal is polished to such an extent that is converted το a mirror in order to maintain the brightness and the vividness of the iconography. At the same time the halo of the Saint is beautifully worked with the tsoukani technique which gives the icon an aesthetic magnificence.


Origin: Holy Cell of Saint Makarii, Mount Athos

Dimensions: 23 x 31 cm


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