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Hagiography Virgin Mary Hodegetria is entirely handmade by Father Pefkis, graduate of the Athonite Ecclesiastical Academy on Mount Athos. The halos of both Virgin Mary and Jesus are gold and engraved with the tsoukani technique.
Dimensions: 15 x 20 x 2.5 cm

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Handmade Hagiography depicting Virgin Mary Hodegetria

Virgin Mary Hodegetria is depicted holing Jesus on her right side. This is why she is called Leftholder – Deksiokratousa.

The icon has been entirely handcrafted and follows the standard iconographic type which comes from the miraculous icon of Hodegon Monastery in Constantinople.

Handmade hagiography made of pure gold by using the tsoukani technique!

This exceptional handmade hagiography has been crafted at the workshop of father Pefkis. Graduate of the Athonite Ecclesiastical Academy on Mount Athos, father Pefkis has been taught the byzantine art of hagiography close to great teachers.

The embossed halo of Virgin Mary Hodegetria symbolizes the holy light with which the depicted form is covered with. The halo has been crafted with pure gold and is carved with tsoukani. The artwork is coated with glaze in order for its glow to remain unchanged over the time passage.

On its back side there is a metallic hook in order for the icon to be hung on the wall and a wooden basis in order to be place in every surface and be stable. The icon bears the seal of authenticity on its back side which guarantees the gold purity.

Virgin Mary Hodegetria – History of the Holy Icon

The Virgin Mary Hodegetria icon depicts the Virgin Mary presenting her son on her left arm to the viewer and with her hand she is gesturing towards him, pointing to Christ as ‘The Way’. Christ, on the other hand, has his right hand raised in a gesture of blessing with the index and middle fingers joined (to refer to the two natures of Christ) and his thumb locks over the other fingers (to signify the Holy Trinity).

The term ‘Hodegetria’ is Greek and translates to ‘the One who Shows the Way’. In this icon, although the Virgin Mary is the largest subject, the principal image in the icon is Christ. His presence is like that of an adult.

Typical features of the Hodegetria include the starburst on one or both shoulders and on the part of the mantle that covers the forehead. The fringe on the mantle indicates imperial status, as does the throne that is occasionally included in the image. The Virgin Mary’s frontal gaze is also a key feature of the Hodegetria type.

The odd letters on the left and right and level with the top of the Virgin’s head appear to be an adaptation of the usual inscription that occupies this position in other Hodegetrias: “MP θY” — the first and last Greek letters of the Greek words for “Mother of God.”

The name Hodegetria also refers to the Hodegon Monastery in Constantinople, which has such an icon.


Origin: Hagiography Workshop of Father Pefkis
Dimensions: 15 x 20 x 2.5 cm

Available upon order

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