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The icons are live pieces of Orthodox tradition and signs of obedience to the saints to intercede for our salvation. Saint Theodore the Tiron is depicted as a soldier with a bland face. Hagiography is crafted by a monk on Mount Athos. Buy one handmade hagiography and get one wooden neck cross from Mount Athos for free.
Dimensions: 10 x 14 x 1.5cm

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Handmade hagiography with Saint Theodore

Saint Theodore the Tiron came from the village of Amaseia in the Black Sea. He lived in the years of the emperors Maximianus (286-305 AD), Galerius (305-311 AD) and Maximus (305-312 AD). It is called Tiron because it was ranked in the troops of Tirones, ie the recruits, run by the military Vrigas.

When he learned that Theodore was a Christian, he invited him to an examination. Theodore, without hesitation, confessed his faith. The commander did not want to arrest him and punish him but gave him time to think and answer later. He believed that Theodore would change his mind and accept to sacrifice to idols.

Saint Theodore, however, remained firm in his faith. He even burned the idolatrous temple. Immediately then they captured him and threw him into an incandescent furnace where he found a martyr’s death.

The Church celebrates its memory on February 17th. Apart from this day, the Orthodox Church honors Saint Theodore of Tiron and Saint Theodore the Stratelates the first Saturday of the Great Lent, the day when those who bear the name Theodore celebrate.

Handmade hagiography: Characteristics

Hagiography with its symbolism reflects the wisdom of Orthodox tradition. The excellent details of the work of Mount Athos’ monk, who created this hagiography, are the ones that highlight its value.

The eyes of the face depicted are painted great and lively in relation to the rest of the face, thus revealing the intensity of the soul because they have seen great and superhuman events. Instead, the mouth is small to show his abstinence.


Buy one handmade hagiography and get one wooden neck cross from Mount Athos for free. More details about the wooden Athonite neck cross you can find here.


Dimensions: 10 x 14 x 1.5cm
Origin: Holly Cell of Archangels

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