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A delightful and distinct Mount Athos product that comes to you directly from the blessed lands of Athos. The herbal tea liqueur is made by the monks at Mount Athos according to authentic traditional recipes. It is palatable and has antioxidant action.
Net weight: 250ml

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Natural Herbal Tea Liqueur from Mount Athos

Herbal Tea liqueur is a genuine and exquisite product from Mount Athos. It is made with the desire of the monks in the Holy Cell of Saint Nicholaos, only from natural ingredients, without the addition of preservatives.

It stands out for its excellent quality and genuine taste. You can taste the Herbal Tea Liqueur plain or use it in pastry recipes, giving your desserts wonderful aroma and strong taste.

Herbal Tea Liqueur: Uses

The Herbal Tea Liqueur from Mount Athos can be consumed after a meal as an aperitif. You can even offer it as a dessert instead of a sweet.

Delicate and fragrant, Herbal Tea Liqueur is an excellent treat for your guests, either on its own or accompanied by the traditional sweets.

Herbal Tea: Properties

Herbal tea is extremely effective in dealing with colds, nasal congestion, respiratory problems and persistent coughing.

It helps in anemia due to the many antioxidants it contains. It strengthens the immune system and it has relaxing and anxiolytic action.

It helps fight dyspepsia and gastrointestinal disorders and relieves the stomach. It also has antioxidant, antispasmodic, analgesic and healing properties.


Origin: Holy Cell of Saint Nicholaos, Mount Athos
Net weight: 250ml

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