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This particular hagiography in antique painting technique depicts the face of the Lord as it was imprinted by him on a piece of linen cloth, the Holy Mandylion, with which Prince Abragus was cured. The icon is crafted by the student of Athoniada father Pefkis.




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Hagiography in antique painting technique with the Holy Mandylion

Sacred icons are an integral part of Orthodox tradition and worship. The Gospel, the teaching of the Church, is depicted through Byzantine art in icons. The icons thus become the Gospel of the illiterates.

According to the tradition of the Church, the first icon of Christ appeared during his life on earth. This is the Holy Mandylion.

As the holy tradition of Orthodoxy says, Christ sent His icon to Abgarus, prince of Osorin. Christ blazed, wiped His face on a piece of linen cloth, and its characteristics remained imprinted on this cloth. Abgarus was cured. In memory of this event, hagiographies were made where the face of Christ is depicted in a piece of linen cloth.

Hagiography in antique painting technique

The icon with the Holy Mandylion has been crafted by Father Pefkis and bears his signature, which also means the authenticity of this copy, which thus bears the seal of the tradition of Mount Athos.

Hagiography has been crafted with excellent quality materials in natural wood. The painted surface is covered with a pure beeswax to keep it intact with bright colors. The handmade antique painting technique, which has been applied by the painter Father Pefkis, a graduate of the Athonian School, makes the icon collectible.

The Byzantine iconography of Father Pefkis, since 1980, deals with the production of copies of portable icons of the Byzantine and post-Byzantine period in accordance with the Athonite style.



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