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Genuine monastic Honeysuckle Beeswax Cream is made of 100% pure – natural ingredients. Its raw material mixture acts therapeutically on skin problems such as burns, abrasions, eczema and sprains.
Net Weight: 30g

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Moisturising Honeysuckle Beeswax Cream for Eczema · Burns and Wound Healing

Honeysuckle Beeswax Cream is an authentic handmade monastic product. It is made by the nuns of the holy monastery of Saint Nicholas, with extra care. It contains only pure natural ingredients, without any preservatives. It stands out for its exceptional quality and its unique fragrance.

The honeysuckle, known and popular as a flower, is unknown as herb, although it has significant beneficial properties for the human body. It’s not just its scent that makes it stand out but also the benefits it has to specific health problems. The raw material mixture that contains the monastic beeswax cream positively affects skin problems such as burns, sprains, abrasions, bites, eczema, etc. It also relieves blisters, edema and rheumatism and contributes to the healing of wounds.

Apply a small amount of monastic Honeysuckle Beeswax Cream in the area that suffers on a daily basis and feel its beneficial effect on the skin problem that affects you.

Honeysuckle Beeswax Cream: Ingredients

The monastic beeswax cream contains pure beeswax, alcoholic solution of propolis, honey, balsam oil, calendula, aloe, lavender, carnation and honeysuckle.

Honeysuckle: Properties

This aromatic herb has a soothing effect as it calms inflammations, infections and contagious diseases. It also has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibiotic and antibacterial properties. It protects the human body from bacteria, viruses and infections.

Honeysuckle is an amazing medicinal plant. It is thought to contribute effectively to the stimulation of the heart. This is why it is used to treat a variety of cardiac disorders. Honeysuckle has a positive effect on liver, asthma, arthritis and swollen glands.


As a strong herb, honeysuckle is recommended to use it with doctor’s advice. Especially women who are in pregnancy or in breastfeeding period must be very careful.


Origin: Holy Monastery of Saint Nicholas
Net Weight: 30g

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