Icon – Archangel Gabriel adorned with halo | Mount Athos Icon on naturally aged wood


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Archangel Gabriel is depicted with open wings and an elaborate carved halo. This unique artwork has been placed on a naturally aged wood that comes straight from a Mount Athos Cell that has been renovated. The hagiographer – monk who created it paid special attention to the traditional techniques for the creation of the icon.
Dimensions: 25,5 x 41 x 2,5 cm

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Icon depicting Archangel Gabriel that has been crafted on naturally aged wood by a hagiographer – Monk from Mount Athos

In this specific work of Byzantine art, Archangel Gabriel has been painted on naturally aged wood from Mount Athos with a sense of responsibility and absolute adherence to the traditional techniques and methods. Archangel Gabriel, the one of the two heads of the angelic forces, was the one who brought the news to Joachim and Anna that they will give birth to Virgin Mary. He also told Joseph in a vision, to take the Holy Child and His mother and flee to Egypt because they were in real danger.

He is depicted with wings so as to be understood that he is an immaterial and spiritual being!

Blessed Wood that came out of Heaven!

Mount Athos Monks deeply appreciate the historical and spiritual significance of the place where they live. They try to use everything around them for the glory of God.

Even perishable materials that seemed to have no use in the past are now utilized by Greek Orthodox Monks. Thus, old woods that are found after the renovation of Holy Cells are used thanks to the wisdom of Greek Orthodox Monks.

Woods that used to be supporting beams in the past are now used for the creation of these collectible icons.

They continue to carry the Athonite blessing of Mount Athos since they come straight from this holy place.

Thanks to Mount Athos Exhibition, these collectible icons can be found in the hands of cosmic people who are now able to purchase real treasures of unique spiritual value.

Monks tend to accompany their work with prayers while the creation of these unique works of Byzantine art is one of their daily occupations.

Blessed Mount Athos Woods – Preservation

The wood has been carefully cut and preserved by Greek Orthodox Monks.

The handcrafted icon Archangel Gabriel is unique and its design can not be repeated!

Dimensions: 25,5 x 41 x 2,5 cm
Origin: Mount Athos

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