Saints Constantine & Helen – Serigraph on Naturally Aged Wood | Mount Athos

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A beautiful icon with the representation of Saints Constantine & Helen from Mount Athos. The special characteristic of this icon is the naturally aged wood the monk used which comes from a renovated cell.


Origin: Mount Athos

Dimensions: 25,5 x 31,5 x 2,5 cm


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Icon with Saints Constantine & Helen on Naturally Aged Wood

Saints Constantine and Helen, also known as Constantine and Helen, Equal to the Apostles or Emperor Constantine and Empress Helen. Constantine was born in 272 and he became Emperor when his father died in 306. In 312, he learned that his opponent, Maxentius, began marching to Italy. According to tradition, Jesus Christ appeared to him in a dream and told Constantine about the cross and its significance. After the dream, he ordered a labarum in the form of a cross, and he inscribed on it the name of Jesus Christ. On October 28, he officially marched and entered battle against Maxentius and won. In 325 he organized the First Council of Nicaea and he addressed the assembly personally. Under him and because of him all the persecutions against the Church ceased. Christianity triumphed and idolatry was overthrown.

His mother traveled to the Holy Lands in Jerusalem where she found the Tomb of Jesus and three crosses. Of these, it was believed that one must be that of our Lord, the other two of the thieves crucified with Him. At the inspiration of Saint Macarius, Archbishop of Jerusalem, a lady of Jerusalem, who was already at the point of death was brought to touch the crosses. As soon as she came near to the Cross of the Lord, she suddenly recovered and Helen declared the cross with which the woman had been touched to be the True Cross. On the site of discovery, Constantine ordered the building of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Churches were also built on other sites detected by Helen.

Blessed Wood that Came Out of Paradise

This naturally aged wood that was used at the icon of Saints Constantine and Helen, came from a renovated cell from Mount Athos which has suffered many damages through years. Renovation works were necessary to remain in good condition so monks can continue to live there. Monks are replacing doors, window shutters or ceiling beams but they are keeping the pieces of wood so they can reuse them. They are cutting and processing the wood with excellent techniques so they can use it later for their artworks such as these icons. These pieces of wood are part of the history of Mount Athos. So monks reuse them and they are giving us a small piece of this history.


Origin: Mount Athos

Dimensions: 25,5 x 31,5 x 2,5 cm

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