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Made with effort and prayer by the hands of monks, Incense Prayer Worry Beads is a unique monastic handiwork. Its 33 chaplet beads are made of processed resin which is kneaded with incense. It has nice smell which lasts for years.


Prayer Worry Beads are available with embedded cross. 
Beads: 33

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Incense Prayer Worry Beads with 33 beads!

Incense Prayer Worry Beads is an authentic monastic handiwork following the long tradition of the life of monks at Garden of the Virgin Mary. The handiwork takes an important part of the life of the monks who lives on Mount Athos. Athonites fathers accompany their handiwork with their warm prayers. Thus, products that make carrying special blessing.

Incense Prayer Worry Beads: Characteristics

Incense Prayer Worry Beads consists of 33 beads. This number is symbolic as it represents the age that Jesus Christ completed his action as God-Man on earth. 33 were the years of Jesus Christ during his Crucifixion and his Resurrection.

The 33 beads of Mount Athos Prayer Worry Beads are made exclusively from processed resin which is kneaded with incense. Thus, these Prayer Worry Beads are fragrant. Its aroma is preserved for years.

In its edge, Incense Prayer Worry Beads ends with a small metal cross, which is decorated with distinctive designs. In its center there is a relief in the form of Mary. In its center is the relief of the Virgin Mary and below it is written the phrase “Mount Athos”. The shape and design of the metal cross vary as these Prayer Worry Beads has a different cross.

Incense Prayer Worry Beads: Uses

Incense Prayer Worry Beads are a 100% authentic monastic handiwork. During its use, it helps in concentration and in maintaining inner peace. It reserves the sweet aroma of incense, giving a sense of calm to the person who uses it.
Mount Athos Products Exhibition features a variety of sizes, shapes and colors in Mount Athos Prayer Worry Beads.

Incense: Properties

Incense has anxiolytic and antidepressant properties. It helps in spiritual growth while acting beneficial in various diseases. Its aroma works soothingly in the anxiety and intensity of everyday life, calming the human body.


Beads: 33
Net Weight: 30 gr

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