Incense Worry Beads with Embedded Cross – 115 Beads


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Incense Rosary with Embedded Cross is a special monastic handicraft. It is made of processed resin which is kneaded with incense. It has nice smell which lasts for years. Its smell dispersed in the room giving serenity to people who use it.
Beads: 115

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Aromatic Incense Worry Beads with Embedded Cross

Incense Worry Beads with Embedded Cross are monastic handicraft, made with a lot of prayer. The material from which they are made is unique and makes Worry Beads a special one. It is a processed resin that is kneaded with incense. Thus, the Worry Beads are fragrant. Their aroma is preserved for years.

It consists of 115 beads. It is available in three colors, grey, green and red, to choose the one you like most. Its beads are threaded in a fine black rope.

Incense Worry Beads have an embedded metallic cross on which there is a relief of Virgin Mary.

Incense Worry Beads with Embedded Cross: Uses

Monastic Worry Beads are light and discreet and you can have them always with you. It is an excellent aid for the time of prayer. Counting its beads one by one, and saying at the same time the short wishes “Lord Jesus Christ Mercy on Me” and “Virgin Mary Save Me”, the mind is concentrated on prayer.

Christians often have difficulty in praying because they are absorbed in their life care, stress and everyday problems. Their mind is not concentrated, so their heart cannot feel the words of prayer, find consolation and calm.

Prayer Worry Beads can greatly help Christians at the time of prayer and during the divine services of the Church. With the Prayer Rosary in their hands and counting its beads, believers focus their attention on the words of prayer they say. Thus their minds are dedicated to the conversation with God and the praise of the Lord and are not disturbed by the concerns of the world.

Incense: Properties

Incense has anxiolytic and antidepressant properties. It helps in spiritual growth while acting beneficial in various diseases. Its aroma works soothingly in the anxiety and intensity of everyday life, calming the human body.


Beads: 115

Net Weight: 100gr

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