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The Merciful Lord is a unique hagiography in antique painting technique that stands out for its original theme. The icon by hand of the distinguished hagiographer Father Pefkis presents a composition of miracles of Jesus as described in the New Testament.



Dimensions: 15 x 20 cm

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Hagiography with Jesus Christ Merciful in antique painting technique

The icon “Jesus Christ Merciful heals the passions of the faithful” stands out for its original theme and its multifaceted, symbolic composition. The center of hagiography depicts Jesus, accompanied by some of His disciples.

Behind Jesus, the hemorrhoid woman whom the Lord treated during his journey to Iair’s house to heal his daughter is distinguished. This woman suffered from many years of bleeding and no treatment by the doctors of the time was able to cure her. By wrestling with faith in Jesus, with the touch of His own garment, the woman was healed.

A blind man is depicted on the right, but it is not clearly stated who is the two blind people he cured Jesus. If it is the blind man or the blind in Jericho, as described in the Gospel. The second one ascended the commandment of Jesus alone, while in the first he created his own eyes, placing Jesus clay and telling him to go to wash in the Sillaam pool.

This particular icon symbolizes the immense mercy and love with which the Lord surrounds the people. As God the Father, he takes care of his creatures and heals the bodily diseases of those who call upon His name with faith and pure heart.

Hagiography in antique painting technique

The icon with Jesus Christ Merciful has been crafted in the Byzantine icon painting by Father Pefkis and bears his signature, which also means the authenticity of this copy, which thus bears the seal of the tradition of Mount Athos.

Hagiography has been crafted with excellent quality materials in natural wood. The painted surface is covered with a pure beewswax to keep it intact with bright colors. The handmade aging, which has been applied by the painter Father Pefkis, a graduate of the Athonian School, makes the icon collectible.

The Byzantine iconography of Father Pefkis, since 1980, deals with the production of copies of portable images of the Byzantine and post-Byzantine period in accordance with the Athonite style.



Dimensions: 15 x 20 cm

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