Jesus Christ – Neck Cross – Silver (9252A)


A beautiful neck cross made of silver 925o with a relief representation of Jesus Christ. This is an authentic monastic cross made by a monk at Mount Athos. This cross has a unique design which makes it a great present for our loved ones.


Materials: Silver 925o

Dimensions: 2.2 x 3.1 cm

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Neck cross made of silver 925ο

A neck cross made from silver 925o by monks at Mount Athos. This cross has an elaborate pattern and can be a beautiful present for our friends or relatives. The monk gave emphasis to the details of relief representations to both sides of the cross. It’s part of a great collection with crosses and amulets which is available from Product Exhibition of Mount Athos. These crosses are made by monks and they are real monastery handiworks.

Artwork from Mount Athos: What represents

This is a cross with an elegant and aesthetically pleasing pattern. The cross of the Lord is the blessing of Orthodoxy and the eternal symbol of the martyrdom of Jesus for the salvation of people. At the one side there is Jesus Christ with the Christogram ΙϹ ΧϹ which is a traditional abbreviation of the Greek words for «Jesus Christ». At the other side there is a relier cross also with the phrase «IC XC NIKA» which means «Jesus Christ Conquers». The Christogram and the above phrase there are very often written on icons, amulets or other handiworks.


Materials: Silver 925o

Dimensions: 2.2 x 3.1 cm

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