Leather brown key chain – Christogram ☧ | Mount Athos


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This key chain is a genuine handiwork from Mount Athos. It is made by monks and decorated with the Christogram and it’s available in brown colour. This key chain is an excellent monastery product.


Origin: Mount Athos

Dimensions: 6 x 3,5 cm

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Key chain with the Christogram

This particular key chain in brown colour bears the Christogram which is a monogram or combination of letters that forms an abbreviation for the name of Jesus Christ, traditionally used as a religious symbol. At this key chain there is the oldest Christogram ☧. It consists of the superimposed Greek letters (Χ) and (Ρ), which are the first two letters of the Greek word «Χριστός» which means  «Christ». As the tradition says it was displayed on the labarum military standard used by the emperor Constantine.

Handiwork from Mount Athos

This leather key chain is a special and beautiful monastic handicraft for your keys, made with the excellent skills of the  monks on Mount Athos. At the monasteries of Mount Athos the most common occupation of monks are their handiworks. Each one of them takes over a specific task which accompanies them at their  monastic living. The incomes from the sales of these key chains are used from the monks for maintenance and repair of buildings and also for restoration works. This key chain is a new addition at Product Exhibition of Mount Athos and it can become a great gift for our loved ones.



Origin: Mount Athos

Dimensions: 6 x 3,5 cm


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